• 1.Webhosting
  • Do you offer unlimited plans?


    Um, this is a web hosting firm, not an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Your stomach has natural limiting effect on how much you can consume.  We're not so lucky with website hosting.  Wink  Although, apparently, all-you-can-eat-buffets really aren't all you can eat, either.

    On an only slightly more serious note, no web hosting plan is truly unlimited, even if the provider states that it is.  Think about it: the server has a fixed disk space, right?  How can a website expand beyond the size of the disk space?  Read the fine print . . . unlimited plans aren't so unlimited.

    We've made a business decision not to offer such plans.  Whether it's web hosting or a buffet, those who don't consume as much pay more than their fair share to cover the costs of those who overconsume.  Why subsidize them?  Join us, pick an appropriately-sized package for your site, and pay just your fair share of the cost.

  • What if I buy a plan that's too small for my website?


    You remember those leisure pants from high school that are still hanging out in your closet?  You know . . . the ones that you have the hopes of eventually squeezing back into?  It's kind of like that.

    Actually, our billing and ordering system offers you the ability to upgrade your site to the next largest package at any time.  Simply log on to your client center, choose an appropriately-sized package, pay the difference, and you're on your way.  With our hosting packages -- unlike your leisure pants -- there's no need to live in denial.

  • Can big companies sign up for your hosting plans?


    Hey, we've got nothing against large, multinational companies.  We've been known to kick back a Big Mac or two.

    While our primary business focus is on organizations that are small to medium-sized enterprises, we are not discriminate.  If you're a large company and want us to host your website, we're happy to have you!

  • Do you offer discounts to schools and nonprofits?


    Our specialty practice areas are small businesses, churches, and nonprofits (which includes schools).  If we gave a discount to churches and nonprofits, we'd be giving a discount to a full 2/3 of our customer base.  You do want us to eat, don't you?

    No, we don't have a standing discount for churches and nonprofits.  Instead of offering a percentage off of our normal plans, we've chosen to offer extremely competitive web hosting plans specifically tailored to the church and nonprofit markets.  In other words, the discount is already factored into the price.  (And, if you catch us at the right time, we do occasionally have sales on these packages, further discounting our already low prices.)

  • Can I spam from your servers?


    If you're talking about ordering us up some spam musubi using our servers, go right ahead.  If you're talking about using our servers to send unsolicited bulk email, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

    Our Acceptable Use Policy specifically prohibits sending commercial emails -- of any kind, let alone spam -- without obtaining our express written permission first.  Sending spam has a negative impact on every one on the same system as you.  To insure that access to our customers' websites isn't interrupted, we're pretty picky about commercial email.

  • 2.InfoSophia
  • What are you all about?


    What are we about?  We're glad that you asked.  We feel that our core values are a large part of what differentiates us from other firms in our line of work.  So, here they are:

    Core Values

    • Humor.  We value humor.  Life is too short and too precious to take it all too seriously.  If you haven't figured it out by reading through the rest of these FAQ's, we love humor.
    • Professionalism.  Don't equate our affinity for humor with a lack of professionalism.  We enjoy our work, but we get it done, too . . . in a professional manner.
    • Humanity.  Hate it when you have to explain for the forty-first time what you need because a technology company isn't listening?  We do, too.  We strive to remember that it's a human on the other end of the phone/email/chat, and that they should be treated the same way we would want to be treated as a customer.
    • Integrity.  We seek to be honest in our dealings with our customers.  We want no charge to be a surprise, and we want no customer to pay for services which they don't need.  This is how we seek to build long-term relationships with our customers.
    • Positive Change.  Perhaps only one of the constants in life is change.  We seek not to let change happen to us, but, rather, to be the creators of that change.
  • Who the heck are you?


    The InfoSophia Corporation is a boutique webhosting and consulting firm located in Manchester, NH.  What in tarnation is a boutique firm?  It means that we don't paint the world in broad strokes . . . we put a special emphasis on specific practice areas, and work to be the best for our clientele in those areas.  We also put an emphasis on personal service.  We seek to build relationships with our clients rather than the impersonal relationships of many hosting providers.

  • Who are your clients?


    We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you. ;-)

    InfoSophia highly respects the privacy of our clients, so we don't share our client list. However, rest assured that you are in capable hands. Our client base covers a broad spectrum of industries, and include an online Bible college, a national best-selling author, and a widely-respected international negotiation program at one of our nation's leading universities.

  • Where are you?


    We're here.  Why?  Where are you?

    The InfoSophia Corporation is incorporated in the State of New Hampshire.

  • Does your CEO know what he's doing?


    It depends.  Are we talking about fashion sense or running this company?  Because if it's the former, we're in serious trouble . . .

    Our CEO holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a MBA with honors from Babson College, the nation's #1-ranked entrepreneurial business program - as ranked by U. S. News and World Report - for the twentieth year in a row.

    Yah, he's full of himself . . . but the rest of us try to keep him humble.

  • 3.Technical Support
  • During what hours is technical support provided?


    Technical support is provided 24x7.  During weekdays from 9:30 AM to 6:15 PM, technical support is provided by technicians here in America.  After hours (6:15 PM to 9:30 AM) and on weekends, technical support is provided by call centers located across the globe.

    Please note that technical support is not provided on some plans because of their extreme value.  If you are in need of technical support on one of these plans, you may purchase a support ticket for $5.00 through your client center.

  • What kind of technical support do you provide?


    We provide technical support on our servers and their associated software.  We provide installation support only for scripts and software installed via Fantastico.  We do not support third-party software, scripts, or applications that you might install/upload on/in your account.

    We obviously do not provide any support for your home computer, Microsoft Word at your office, etc.

    Please note that our most basic, budget plans do not include any technical support.  However, support tickets for these plans can be purchased for $5.00 each in our Client Center.

  • Do your support technicians speak English?


    Well, we thought about using English, but then we thought about our larger lingual obligation to preserve endangered languages.  So we chose to hire technicians who speak Ainu, a language spoken by some folks in Hokkaido, a northern island in Japan, and designated by UNESCO as critically endangered.  According to Wikipedia, there are only about 1,000 people left who still speak Ainu.

    You didn't really expect to understand a support technician anyway, did you?  After all, technicians speak in their own weird technological jibber-jabber, so why not Ainu?

    We're kidding . . .we're kidding.  All of our support technicians are native or near-native speakers of English.  All of our business hours support is provided here in the USA by American citizens or permanent legal residents who speak clear English.  All of our after-hours support is provided by global call centers in countries where English is a primary language.

    We also emphasize to our technicians the importance of speaking in normal, everyday English instead of "geek speak."  If the answers to your questions are too techical, well, it might as well be Ainu.